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X1Jet MX

AT Information : ATI 500 Series

X1Jet MX

Model: X1Jet MX Manufacturer: AT Information

Autoprint X1JET MX

The X1Jet MX is a compact and powerful Autoprint system based on Trident technology.  It’s a printer and microcontroller all-in-one with 3 button operation.  The user has the choice of up to 9 preloaded labels, with both network and USB flash drive interfaces.  The X1Jet MX is targeted for a range of different applications in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Building Materials and other industries.

Piezo Inkjet Coder Autoprint X1JET MX
The Auto-print XTJET MX is an independently operating printer, especially suitable for the coding of large printing images. The Trident Piezo lnkjet technology codes on flat absorbant surfaces, quickly, accurately and reliably. This compact at well—priced system is designed for different ranges of applications i.E. food 8| beverage, chemical and building material industry.

For each application the right system
The print heads are available in two different versions: For printings at maximum 50 mm height and fiir printings at maximum 100 mm height. The Autoprint XTJET MX is available in 3 different variations: Compact, Vario and Top. The Compact version has a vertically fixed print head. The print head ofthe Vario version can be turned up to 90°C to the left, and allows therefore also a coding on rising conveyor belts. The Top version codes from above onto the packaging or the product. I

  • Printing heights up to 50 mm or rather 100 mm i
  • Simple integration into packaging systems and conveyors for printing from side or top


ATI 500 Series: X1Jet MX Printer Technical Specifications