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High Resolution and Piezo Electric Inks

High Resolution and Piezo Electric Inks

High Resolution Inks

Our Hi-Resolution ink is the ultimate example of superior quality for less.

I.D. Systems offers a replacement ink for all OEM-Trident ® based printing systems. These include hi-resolution printers by Marsh ®, Diagraph ®, FoxJet, Inc. ®, ITI ®, Videojet ®, Willett ®, Domino ®, Loveshaw ® and others.

Our hi-resolution ink is a direct replacement that will work directly behind any OEM's product. This eliminates the need for flushing and time consuming ink conversions.

Our quick disconnect bottle design helps reduce the mess associated with many screw-in-place style bottles. Just snap in and walk away. When you need to remove or replace the ink, just push a button and release the self-sealing bottle with NO MESS.

Above all else, our hi-resolution ink is so clean, it helps prevent printhead clogging, extending performance with less maintenance.

I.D. Systems offers the most comprehensive service program for Trident ® based print engines in the industry. Please contact us for more information about our Trident ® printhead repair.