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Top & Bottom Labeling System

Re-Pack : Labeling Systems

Top & Bottom Labeling System

Manufacturer: Re-Pack Inc.

Top & Bottom Labeling System

Re-Pack manufacturers a complete line of top and bottom labelers ranging from table top Semi Automatic systems to complete systems including conveyors and transport belts.

Standard Features


  • Variable speed stepping motor drive package. The applicator has a maximum dispense speed of 120 feet per minute.
  • The drive, nip, and rewind shafts are all housed in bearing support tubes. The tubes are machined from aircraft aluminum and contain sealed precision bearings.
  • High speed PLC controls with multiple function buttons. These features will allow for ease of set up and operation

 Transporter Base

  • Dual (two, one infeed and one outfeed) 6” wide x 3ft long flat belt conveyors. Other conveyor lengths and widths are available and are determined by the application.
  • While on the infeed conveyor, the top labels will be applied. There is a ¾” wide gap between the infeed and outfeed conveyors. The bottom label will be fed up through this gap and applied to the bottom of the products as it transfers from the infeed conveyor to the outfeed conveyor.
  • Dual 3-phase AC drive motors with electronic following are used and electronically linked together. This reduces the normal power train drive loss and guarantees proper conveyor speed control.

 Available Options

  • Powered unwind / splicing stations.
  • Complete alarm packages and inspection systems.
  • A wide variety of date / lot coders are available to include: Thermal transfer printers and Hot stamp

Our Semi Automatic top and bottom labelers consist of a base and platform with labeling heads mounted from the top and the bottom. The product will be inserted into a fixture and both applicators activated. Once activated, tamp pads will extend placing the labels on the top and bottom of the product.

Top and bottom conveyor systems. Some applications such as the food industry, require the product to be transported on a belted conveyor. The product is placed on the conveyor with a labeling head mounted over top. Once the top label has been applied, the label is fed over a small gap in between the conveyors. The bottom labeling head is placed underneath the conveyors, and applies the label up and onto the bottom of the product.


Top & Bottom Labeling System