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Three Roller Indexing

Re-Pack : Labeling Systems

Three Roller Indexing

Manufacturer: Re-Pack Inc.

Three Roller Indexing Wrap System

The Three-Roller Wrap System is designed to orient the product and apply a wrap around label registered to this orientation point.  The product will be placed or transferred onto the system’s conveyor and spaced by an infeed gating system.  Once spaced, the products will travel to the label application area.  A sensor will detect the product, causing the back mounted rear rollers to extend, trapping the product between the two rear rollers and the front application roller.  This will form a three-roller wrap application.  While the product is rotating, an inspection camera will detect the desired location in the product and trigger the label applicator to dispense a label.  Once the label has been applied the rear roller will retract allowing the product to exit.