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Table Top Tamp Wrap

Re-Pack : Labeling Systems

Table Top Tamp Wrap

Manufacturer: Re-Pack Inc.

Table Top Tamp Wrap

Re-Pack manufactures a wide variety of table top labeling machinery. This machine is perfectly suited for containers that have unusual shapes and may be difficult to handle.  With standard features such as removable tamp pads and adjustable product fixtures, the tabletop tamp is versatile and easy to change over. The low purchase price and simple installation make this system an excellent choice for the budget minded customer or the first time buyer.

Standard Features

  • Ruggedly constructed support base.
  • Adjustable product fixture.
  • High torque stepping motor for increased placement accuracy.
  • Syncro Series labeling head with touch panel interface and PLC controls.
  • Your choice of finger switch activation or fixture mounted micro switch product detection.

Available Options

  • Optional support base on locking casters.  This device makes the table top tamp an excellent mobile work station.
  • X and Y table for product fixture mounting.  This option comes with lead screw adjustments and scaled indicators.
  • Clear label sensors to allow the use of transparent labels on a clear liner.
  • Conversion kits are available allowing this system to apply tamper evident labels & multi panel labels.

Table Top Tamper Evident Labeling System

Our Table Top Tamp is also available in a Tamper Evident version. As with all of our table top systems, this machine operates semi-automatically. The head is mounted at an angle with a “V” style application pad. This allows for a small tamper evident label to be placed on two panels of the product (90 degrees apart) simultaneously.


Table Top Tamp Wrap