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Series 5 Loose Loop Print & Apply

Re-Pack : Labeling Applicators

Series 5 Loose Loop Print & Apply

Manufacturer: Re-Pack Inc.

Series 5 Loose Loop Print & Apply

The Series Five family of labeling heads is based on our stepper driven applicator and can be mated with a printer or print engine. We have experience integrating most brands of printing devices. There are a few advantages to using a loose loop print and apply applicator. You are able to run both pre-printed and blank labels on the same system by simply bypassing the printer when pre-printed labels are in use. The loose loop applicators allows for a faster application rate. This is achieved by printing information during the idle time between label applications. Both the demand for printed labels and the tension of the web are controlled by the loose loop assembly. Many options and application devices are available.


Standard Features

  • High Speed PLC controls with multiple function buttons including a self teach mode and 99 memory locations. These features allow for ease of set up and operation.
  • Variable speed stepping motor drive package.
  • The drive, nip and rewind shafts are all housed in bearing support tubes.
  • Loose loop tension control assembly with printer trigger sensor.
  • Robust support frame ensuring proper label feed and exceptional print quality.
  • Small footprint limiting the number of labels between the printer and the peel tip.
  • The majority of the machine is constructed from precision grade aluminum plate.

Available Options

  • U-base floor stand with locking casters for mobility.
  • Printing software and verification devices.
  • Product handling and conveyor systems are available for integration with the applicator.
  • Complete, PLC controlled, alarm packages with indicator light towers.
  • Encoder / speed following packages.
  • Both the unwind size and web width can be upgraded.
  • Many additional options are available.  Please contact us for more information.


Series 5 Loose Loop Print & Apply