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Series 3 Stepper Driven Applicators

Re-Pack : Labeling Applicators

Series 3 Stepper Driven Applicators

Manufacturer: Re-Pack Inc.

Series 3 Label Applicators 

The Series 3 Labeling Head is our most versatile applicator. It is designed to function as part of a labeling system or to be used as a stand alone device. The small size allows us to mount the applicator in spaces that would normally not accept labeling equipment such as under conveyors and inside enclosures. The Series 3 is available with different drive packages and a variety of options. Please view product specifications for additional information.


Standard Features

  • Variable speed stepping motor drive package.
  • Microprocessor controls with self-teach and memory functions.
  • The drive, nip and rewind shafts are all housed in bearing support tubes.
  • Tension controlled label supply reels with a dancing arm assembly.
  • The majority of the machine is constructed from precision grade aluminum plate.
  • The main mounting plate is designed so the hand of the labeler can easily be changed.

Available Options

  • U-base floor stand with locking casters for mobility.
  • Collapsible rewind assemblies and clear label sensors for use with transparent label materials.
  • Product handling and conveyor systems are available for integration with the applicator.
  • Complete, PLC controlled, alarm packages with indicator light towers.
  • Encoder / speed following packages.
  • Both the unwind size and web width can be upgraded.
  • Many additional options are available.¬† Please contact us for more information.


Series 3 Step Driven Applicators