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LX-A3 Laser Marking Machine

Linxuan Lasers

LX-A3 Laser Marking Machine

Manufacturer: Lixianjiguang

LX-A3 on-line fly laser marking machine

On-line fly laser marking machine is mainly used to spray and engrave the code on products package surface.It is different with traditional laser marking machine. Traditional laser marking machine only can mark on static objects .Products are flowing on production line when marking with on-line fly laser marking machine .This can greatly improve efficiency and adapt to industrial production demand. It almost cover all the function of inkjet machine.This kind of laser marking machine is no longer just marking production data and batch number,it also has anti-fake ,anti-channel conflict feature because of its visual and tactile effects ,also it can never be erased .


  1. Fast marking speed.
  2. Power is controlled by software , continuously adjustable
  3. Carving effect is perfect ,will never be wiped
  4. Anti-counterfeiting code automatically generated
  5. No consumables,Without wearing parts,maintenance-free,very low operating cost
  6. Perfect dynamic and static marking online adaptation of different production line

Widely used in tobacco industry, biological medicine, wine, food and beverage, health care products, electronic industry, national defense industry, etc
Technical parameters:

Model No LX-A3-10W LX-A3-20W LX-A3-30W
Average output Power 10W 20W 30W
Marking speed 7000mm/s 7000mm/s 7000mm/s
Engraving depth
0.01-0.5mm 0.01-0.5mm ≥0.8mm
Standard marking range 100mm*100mm/170mm*170mm
Repeated accuracy 0.002mm 0.002mm 0.002mm
Minimum linewidth 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Minimum width of character ≥0.2mm ≥0.2mm ≥0.2mm
Power demand 220V /50HZ 220V /50HZ 220V /50HZ