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Model: JET2neo Manufacturer: Leibinger

The device that does it all for product marking

The high-performance JET2neo is the ideal printing and marking system for all daily tasks for marking a wide variety of materials, products and packages. High-quality materials, sophisticated technologies and the best production processes guarantee very long service life and absolute reliability. The JET2neo is best suited for standard demands in product marking; the JET3 series is available for special requirements.

Automated "Sealtronic" Nozzle Seal
The JET2neo starts at the push of a button and is ready to print in no time at all. No time-consuming nozzle cleaning is required since the JET2neo, like all LEIBINGER industrial marking and coding systems, is equipped with an automated “Sealtronic“ nozzle seal. The “Sealtronic“ prevents the ink from drying out in the nozzle or in the gutter. The industrial marking and coding system is ready to use at any time, even after long shut-down periods. 
The nozzle and gutter form an airtight circuit for this. This means the ink always remains liquid, just like in a sealed paint can.

Small Installation Dimensions
The compact JET2neo industrial marking and coding system can be easily integrated into any environment thanks to its small dimensions. The print head is designed so that it can also be installed in tight spaces.

Economical Maintenance
Only parts that are actually worn are replaced when the JET2neo undergoes service. LEIBINGER industrial marking and coding systems contain no cores, cubes, ink modules or expensive assembly units that need replacing.

Can be operated without the slightest effort
The Windows operating system of the JET2neo makes operation intuitive and reliable. Users interact with typical Windows operating elements, such as drag and drop, drop-down menus and copy/paste. They can create print jobs immediately and easily.

Wide ink selection

  • Various colored inks and soft pigmented inks
  • Fast-drying solvent inks
  • MEK, ketone-free and alcohol-based inks
  • Temperature-resistant inks
  • Security inks, color changing inks, adhesive inks, fluorescent inks, sterilization and alcohol resistant inks, food packaging inks
  • PVC inks (transfer-resistant)
  • Food-grade ink and food packaging inks
  • Washable inks
  • Customized inks

Ink colors: Black, yellow, blue, red, green

Options for the Leibinger JET2neo

  • "Meter Go" function for cable imprinting
  • Head pressurization: Internal
  • EcoSolv, solvent recycling system

Advantages of the JET2neo series at a glance:

  • Automated "Sealtronic" nozzle seal—ink no longer dries out
  • Starts in seconds at the push of a button
  • Windows-based operating system
  • Color TFT-Touch display with large buttons and various menu languages
  • Many functions, including a graphics editor
  • Two macro buttons that can be assigned individually and enable quick access to certain areas
  • Resolution up to 24 drops
  • Prints up to 3 lines in a 7x5 matrix